Worry Series Part 1

Last week I threw out Worrying,
It was getting old and in the way.
It kept me from being me;
I couldn't do things my way.

I threw out those Inhibitions;
They were just crowding me out.
Made room for my New Growth,
Got rid of my old dreams and doubts.

I threw out a book on My Past
(didn't have time to read it anyway)
Replaced it with New Goals,
Started reading it today.

I threw out childhood toys
Remember how I treasured them so?
Got me a new Philosophy too,
Threw out the one from long ago

Brought in some new books too,
Called I Can, I Will, and I Must.
Threw out I might, I think and I ought.
Wow! You should've seen the dust.

I picked up this special thing
And placed it at the front door.
I Found It -- its called Peace
Nothing gets me down anymore.

Yes, I've got my house looking nice.
Looks good around the place
For things like Worry and Trouble
There just isn't any place.

Its good to do a little house cleaning,
Get rid of the old things on the shelf.
It sure makes things brighter
Thank you God for cleaning up my-self.

Being Friends With Your Ex.

  When you first break up with someone, for females, the immediate reactions is to text their girlfriends and dish all the bad gossip out. Even if it is slightly exaggerated. Why the heck do girls do this? Because they are hurting. This is how most of the younger, twenty something population adjusts to the fact they now have to change their status from "In a Relationship" to "Single" on Facebook and deal with the 19 comments an hour of ":(" or "whaaaat?" and even the "good for you" comments. It's painful to deal with.

   Fast forward a few months when you can no longer stuff one more spoonful of Ice cream into your mouth and you've literally talked so many smacks on your ex that your friends are starting to avoid you. This is slowly when you undergo the transition of initial shock of a break up to "Oh my God! I'm single, yeah!" And then just as you're really getting into enjoying single life ... it happens. That oh so familiar text alert rings and your heart starts racing. You haven't heard that text alert in... Wait, was it a week ago? Two weeks ago? A year? Wasn't it during that date you were on and you seemed to have taken it as a sign at the time, but brushed it off?

  A "Hey, thinking of you, hope you're well" every once in a while from the ex can do one of two things. One - it can rope you back in. A few simple texts here and there turn into lengthy conversations (that 9 times out of 10 will turn into a conversation that pisses the other person off) but before you know it you start thinking about what the two of you were, and why did you break up again? Or you can continue the short conversation here and there and eventually establish a friendship realizing you two just weren't right for each other as boyfriend/girlfriend but fabulous as just friends.

  Wait! What did I just say? Total concept most people can't seem to get their head around. Being friends with your exes. But for me, and I've said this before, I love getting to know the person I'm dating -- the thrill and excitement, making memories, the whole nine. So for me to treat an ex like a gangrene limb just doesn't happen for me -- I mean, seriously, how can you avoid it? (Please do not ever Google this if you have a weak stomach! Ew.)  The answer is, it can't be avoided. At one point or another you need to make that decision to remain friends (treat your nasty limb) or be an amputee for a little - realizing that with each relationship, an ex takes a little bit away from you. 

   Personally, I always opt for the friend route. Every guy I've ever dated -- remains my friend. It's not that I'm keeping them on the backburner.  On the contrary, I at one point in my life, established a great relationship with them where I trusted them and enjoyed their company. For me, after you go through the sad part of a relationship, after you delete their number, delete them from Facebook, delete them from your life and take time to reflect on what happened, you can do this... that's when you realize if you can be their friends or not. And most importantly, you have to make sure there is no emotional tension still there. If you still feel some, distance yourself until you don't have the urgency to hug them or do something stupid. Give it some time, come back later, and try again.

   Being friends with your ex can be intimidating to a new person you're letting in to your life, but for me, if they aren't confident with what they have to offer/are bringing to the relationship table and are too busy focusing on their friendship with an ex, then they just aren't worth it.  The key to any friendship with your ex is the same as any regular friendship once you spend some time apart and accept you'll only have a friendship. Those keys? Well, to me, a friend is someone who offers support and comfort when you need it, someone who is devoted and loyal (so when you are going through a breakup they'll be there to talk you through it.... or buy you icecream, however you handle it best).  But a friend will speak constructively, tell you the things you don't want to hear, but should.  And mostly they'll help you through whatever it is you're going through. If your ex can be those things, then regardless of where you left off romantically, I'd say you did a pretty swell job at holding on to a great person in your life.