Pet Peeves: From a Ramblers point of view.

  These are some of my pet peeves.   Annoying little things that just drive me CRAZY!   I've also included a few things that probably don't fall so much under pet peeves as just things I really dislike! 

·         Grocery carts with one bad wheel or any other non-working parts.

·         Turning on the room light w/o warning, thus ensuring a victim's pupils are fully dilated. 

·          Anybody showing up more than an hour late when I've cooked a very fancy meal.

·         Shouting "drop it" the moment a conversation veers into an unwanted direction.

·         Lying - No one appreciates being lied to- especially when the lies are trivial, unnecessary and constant.  It is very frustrating for a person to have to deal with someone who constantly lies about every little thing. Not only is it annoying, but makes one wonder if there are bigger lies that they are not even aware about, creating major trust issues.

·         Hangers: how they get all tangled with each other.

·         Negative people: Nobody can be positive and optimistic all the time, but someone who is negative all the damn time just drags me down and drains my energy. I can't deal with that. I won't deal with that. I wouldn't ever date someone who didn't have something nice to say, or someone who claimed to hate "all people". It is such a turn-off. 

·         Car passengers that throw their doors wide open without first checking for obstacles.

·         Swinging a cigarette wildly while making way through a crowd.

·         Being put on the speakerphone without warning.

·         Guilt and Greed messages:  You know the ones I'm talking about. A lot of them have really great content in them but when you get to the end they hit you either with greed (send this to at least 10 people in the next 5 minutes and you're wishes will all come true) or with guilt (send this on to everyone on your mailing list if you're not ashamed of Jesus. 

      People yelling on their cell phones in public.

·         Inconsistency:  Nothing is more irritating and hurtful than a person who makes promises and breaks them over and over again. It shows lack of consideration for the other’s feelings and also means the person cannot be trusted or relied on. I would rather you say you’re not going to do something than for you to say you will and not do it. 

·         Immaturity.

·         How Americans say “I could care less”. How can half a nation not realize that this phrase means you do care?

·         People who don't flush the toilet. These people surely flush at home; why in the hell don't they flush anywhere else.

·         People who call you and demand, "Who's this?

·         Getting up early.

·         Pricing items at 3.99, 4.99, etc. It's not fooling anyone.

·         The way your nose begins to itch when you can't scratch...while washing dishes, e.t.c.

·         Heartburn.

·         Having no money when you finally see an item you've been looking to buy for a long time.

·         People who promise to return your phone calls and never do.

·         People who think that being a good father is just providing money and leaving everything else to the mother.

·         Men who refer to caring for their own children as "babysitting"

P.S. I think I might be taking sometime off here, probably for a week or two. I might be coming down with a writers block. :) Ok, no I'm not, but then I have a lot going on in my life right now(mainly school stuffs anyway) and I simply need time to sort them out. I might be back before you say Jack Robinson.