Unstructured gloom

The weather seems to be mimicking how I am feeling right now. Let’s just say this sadness has nothing and everything to do with finding out about (name) hiding stuffs from me. Whew! A gal just cannot get a break around here!

It’s not that what happened is a big deal. Trust me, it’s not. If you can read my mind right now regarding him, you would say it was just some girly crush turned to infatuation which then resulted to dismay, turmoil, frustration, aggravation, pain, over-dramatism.! (Well, I have not started yet…however, never too late right?)
Don’t worry, I won’t curse or anything. I do not want to send you negative vibes (although, I have plenty to share.) Sigh.

Forgive me. I’m just stinging from the disappointment I have experienced. I was so looking forward for the thrills and frills of romance. Hah! Guess that’s not in the books anymore, huh? Or at least, not for now…

I dunno. Whatever.

It sucks. I just feel really sad and disappointed…

Where is the Past?

Screaming sounds across the sky, silent as a buzzing bee fly
Chanting rhymes I used to know, reminding me of long ago
When my smile was worth a while,as I walked along the Nile
Spring is come everyone says, but all I see is winter's face
Where lives the trees amidst this freeze?
Where is the ass eating green grass?
Where is the past I cried at last
That place where I found embrace