My Unstructured Letter to You.

I woke up this morning, only to find out that someone anonymously sent me a top up credit for my phone, at that moment I realized that even though I don't know the person, he/she succeeded in putting a smile on my face. Well, that prompted me to think about all the strangers that visit my blog everyday, all those people I may never get to meet in life, but yet they find their way to this very page. Today I'm writing an open letter to every stranger that have graced this blog with their presence. This is for you!!!

Dear Stranger,

    Ok. This is the first time I'm writing an open letter to you. Let's hope I make it past four lines. Currently, I'm seated on my bed, surrounded by rumpled piles of clothes, with my laptop playing the song ‘nobody’s perfect’ by Jessie J. The time is 9.57pm, which only means nightsville. We may not know each other, but you came across this and this must mean something. And if you are reading this, you must be alive. So congratulations, I mean what more can you ask for?

Even though we haven't met, I’d be willing to bet that there are things in your life you aren't happy with.  You're not alone.  We all have things we'd like to do over or change or try again or maybe even try a first time.  Hang in there! I'd also be willing to bet that there are some amazing things in your life.  Maybe some wonderful people?  Maybe you love your job or where you live?  Hang on to and focus on those things, whatever they might be! 

I remember when I was young and my mom always told me never to talk to you, even if you offered me candy. The news told me not to trust you–that you will kidnap, rape, rob, or kill me given half the chance. But that was then, now I’m matured to know if you are scary or good. I know you’re just like me, trying to make your world turn as best as you can. I know you have dreams and ideas just like me. You might even have some insight to share that will make my life better. Maybe you know my future partner. Maybe you know the solution to something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long while. Who can tell?

You see stranger, I have seen many things in my life, and something’s are yet to come by me.  I negate the very wisdom that my peers so heavily believe I have.  You see stranger, my dream is to enlighten the world, so I seek all there is to understand that I may be able lift even the lowest of spirits into the highest of places.  What better a day than this to begin, and who better to begin with than you?  I bid you stranger; open your heart to me as I am a young woman with a dream, a dream that I hope would one day change the lives of strangers across the world.  But how can I do such a thing?  I have been asked how and why I do something’s, but I’ve never been asked who I am. 

Do you want to know who I am stranger?

I am a writer. What does this mean to you? I can only hope that someday it would mean everything you could ever desire it to mean.  As I have said too many times I don’t know you, but through this writing I pray that you would know me.  Why?  It is such a lonely world, not just out there, but everywhere.  You see stranger the only difference between my world, and your world is the way we perceive things, and the perspective we take. Your perception of me I may never know, but I perceive you as just a stranger.  If I told you that you may know me more than even those who know my face, would you believe me? 

 Do you still wonder who I am?  

I am a poet. What does this mean to you? I can only imagine that it would mean a renewed spirit for you.  I have never talked to you before stranger but I love you.  Yes stranger I love you.  I don’t know you, nor do I know what impacts you have made or haven’t made, but you make a difference.  To me stranger you are everything I could ever hope for or dream for.  You reading this very sentence is what I live for.  What do you live for stranger?  Do you live to make a difference?  If so be proud, for you are making a difference right now at this very moment, and you have placed a smile on my face.

Live, laugh & love,


Setting – Jerusalem
A roman centurion’s family

Diana – mother and follower of Jesus
Marcus – father – centurion – pleasant but stern
Chester – son about 9 years old
Lara – daughter – about 11 years old
Rufus – family dog – yappy and happy
Judith – neighbor and friend of Diana – a bit dippy and excitable2

Setting  : The morning before the last supper.
Lighting Early morning -  birds singing, people cheering and shouting hosanna. Diana leaning on fence looking around as the  dawn breaks, the sounds of the birds fading away .

Diana: ‘Oh I love this time of day so much. The garden is so beautiful and all the flowers are opening up to look at the sun. I can hear the birds waking up. What a wonderful world God has created for us. Marcus and the children will be up and about soon – and then it won’t be quite so peaceful! (Laughs)’ Lara enters.

Lara: ‘Mum – I thought I would find you in the garden?’ (Rufus jumps up and barks) No
‘Rufus you can’t go outside. Remember last time you escaped you went to play with the pigs in the pigsty. (Rufus barks again happily) Yes I am sure you liked it – but I had to wash you 5 times before you stopped smelling. (Rufus whines sadly). You are not going out again – now go inside and wake up my lazy brother. (Rufus yelps happily and dashes off barking) (Diana and daughter laughs. The dog barking and yelping. The young boy being woken up.)

Chester: (Enters with dog jumping happily around him) It’s not fair – why do I have to get up so  early. I don’t have to go to lessons for at least another hour! Is breakfast ready yet?’

Diana: Don’t be so grumpy Chester – come and praise with us. God has given us a new day.

Judith: Enters excitedly Diana, Diana, come quickly, can’t you hear it? It’s Jesus; he is coming into Jerusalem. People are lining the street to welcome and praise Him. Come on – or we will miss it. 

Diana: Jesus is here, coming to Jerusalem? I can’t believe it. (To children) Go back inside you two. Tell daddy I will be back soon. Come on Judith let’s go! Runs off. Dog barks after her.

(Sound of cheering, Hosanna, Hail the King Marcus enters, looks around. Diana enters –palm leaves in her hair)

Marcus: (Waiting at gate – annoyed) ‘Where on earth have you been? The children came in and told me that you had run off to see that teacher man again - Jesus. I simply cannot understand what has got into you lately. This man is filling your head full of nonsense. Take it from me – no good will come of this!

Diana: Marcus, just listen to me please.  You must understand that He is the Son of God.  I have seen what He can do – and I know what he has done for me. Why can’t you see it? He is the King – sent by God to 
save his people.

Marcus: But he is a Jew!  What good are Jewish gods and kings to us – we are Romans we have our own emperor and our own gods.  We are great and powerful people we don’t need this man Jesus.

Diana: Oh but Marcus we do - if you would only just come and listen to him Marcus. Hear his 3words and watch him heal people.

Marcus: Well I think its nonsense – and I don’t want you filling the children’s heads with any of your silly ideas. That’s all I have to say on the matter. Now – I am on duty – Pilate is calling a meeting of his guard this morning and I dare not be late. (exit – sound door slamming).

Diana: (Very sad – sings short chorus. Judith enters very exited)

Judith: Oh Diana I can’t believe it, I am all of dither, I, I, I, I must cook the room and then I’ll have to clean the bread and I mustn’t forget to sweep the wine and, and, and ..

Diana: What are you talking about Judith? Is something wrong? Look, start again slowly.

Judith: Yes I think I will, that’s right, start again, yes!  (Takes a big breath) Well, my husband went out to the well to get some water; you know the, one near the big fig tree.

Diana: Yes – go on!

Judith: And two of Jesus disciples, Peter and John it was, came right up to him – and told him Jesus and the disciples are coming to our house to eat the Passover meal! Lots of them – what am I going to do?

Diana: I will just have to help you and that’s that! Come on – let’s get started – before you decide to sweep me up and put Rufus in the oven.


Setting:  The last supper
All the disciples – maybe Judas a little apart – all seem to be looking down towards a source of light at their feet. This is Jesus washing their feet!! Jesus speaking to  his disciples.

Jesus: I have been very eager to eat this Passover meal with you before my suffering begins.  For I tell you now that I won’t eat this meal again until its meaning is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.
(Facing Peter)
Peter, let me tell you something. Before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me. (the disciples began to murmur)

Peter:  (paces about slowly and angrily . Lara Chester and Rufus enter unseen by Peter) How could Jesus think one of us would betray him? And me – deny him – never !! (Starts to cry)

Rufus: (Growls at Peter)

Chester: (Whispers!) Ssshhh Rufus! Look it’s one of those disciple blokes. I wonder where mum is. I’m starving!

Lara: Oh I see him! I think he has been crying – can’t you ever stop thinking about food?

Chester: Well ask him where mum is then – I’m not asking him. What a baby!

Lara: OK!  Excuse me sir – um – we are looking for mother – she is here with Judith her friend, Have you seen her? 

Peter: (Wipes his eyes) I think so, was she one of the ladies who cooked the food? I think she has gone home my dear.

Lara: Are you all right Sir? Are you hurt?

Peter: No my dear – just very, very sad.

Rufus: (Whines)

Chester:  Oh don’t be sad. Why don’t you eat some more food? Anything, bread, cakes! – Never fails to cheer me up. Anyway why are you crying – it’s a bit soppy isn’t it?

Peter:  Yes young man it is – but a very dear friend has just told me he is going away and I am not sure if I will ever see him again.

Lara: But you have lots of friend’s sir – I saw them leaving. Surely you won’t miss one of them

Peter : But none like this man little one. He is so special, heals people who are ill, feeds the hungry – do you know he even saved me from drowning once.– And now he tells me that I will soon turn my back on him. He says I will deny that I even know him – before tomorrow morning.

Chester: Did you say feeds the hungry – I like the sound of that!

Lara: Chester – he is talking about mum’s friend – you know Jesus. We had better get home quickly and tell mum what’s happening. (Children exit) Rufus (Follows barking happily)

Setting:  Pilate’s palace

 (Sounds of marching heard. Marcus standing on guard  - marching fading out)

Diana: (Enters – quietly) Marcus!

Marcus: (Stays at attention)

Diana: (Approaches) Marcus! It’s me, Diana!

Marcus: What are you doing here Diana? Come over here! Quickly, before anyone sees you!

Diana: I am so worried Marcus. I just had to come and see you.

Marcus: Why? What on earth has happened? Are the children ill, have they had an accident?

Diana: No they are fine, they are at their lessons. I have come because everyone is saying that Jesus has been taken prisoner. I simply must find out what is happening. Surely it’s a mistake. Is he here?

Marcus: Yes – he will appear before Pilate soon – you can’t stay here it is not safe. You must go home. Even Jesus friends have turned against him.

Diana: What!  Even his closest disciples – where are Peter, John and the others?

Marcus: If you must know they have left him. Some friends they are! Gone – run away. One of them showed us where he was – and one of the others even pretended they didn’t know him.

Diana: Marcus you must stop this, speak to Pilate, do something.

Marcus: Diana – his own friends told lies to the priests! When they asked him if he was the Messiah he said ‘I am, and you will see me the Son of God, sitting at Gods right hand in the place of power and coming back in the clouds of heaven’ I remember it exactly. He said it quietly and clearly – just standing there.

Diana: But that is the truth!

Marcus: Well – the priests and the people went mad after that– they spit at him, ripped his clothes and accused Him of blasphemy. Now they are bringing him here for Pilate to pass sentence. Quickly you must go – Pilate is coming. You can’t be found here. (Diana exits)

Pilate: (Appears holding purple robe and crown of thorns) what should I do with this man that you call King of the Jews?

Crowd: Crucify him

Pilate: He is not guilty of any crime. But I can release you one prisoner at Passover. So if you want me to I’ll release this King of the Jews.

Crowd: No not this man! Crucify him

Pilate: (Exits. Sound of whipping and shouting being heard)

Setting:  Dark
Flashes of light. Thunder roaring.

Marcus: Stands – head bowed

Diana: Stands weeping throughout

Marcus: Truly this was the Son of God!’

Setting:  Garden of house – three days later

Lara: Dad, mum is so sad. It’s three days since, since, you know since they killed her friend. Do you think she will ever smile again

Marcus: I don’t know Lara. But it was terrible (shakes his head) to do that to a man who had done nothing wrong.  I have talked to his friends – even the ones who accused him had to tell lies to get him condemned. Even Pilate washed his hands after he passed sentence – he could find no fault with him.

Lara: Dad, who do you think he really was? (Chester enters)

Chester: Yes Dad – who was he really? You must know

Marcus: Come here and listen carefully. You know that me and mum have had lots of arguments about 
following Jesus.

Chester: Tell me about it!

Marcus: Well – now I am starting to believe that Jesus is the Son of God. When I saw him die –I saw something in him……

Lara: But dad – he was killed – what’s the point? If he was Gods Son – why couldn’t he stay alive and help us?

Marcus:  I don’t know Lara! But I feel sure that it was something he had to do.

Judith: Diana, Marcus. You must listen! I must tell you! Oh it’s amazing!  Now we know it all.  He has told us everything! ( Rufus rushes in getting exited and barking)

Lara: Judith – please calm down and start from the beginning.

Marcus: Yes Judith – pull yourself together – and Rufus – SIT! (Rufus obeys)

Judith: Oh yes! Of course I must tell you everything

Diana: Go on

Judith: Well after, you know, what happened on Friday. Some of the women went to visit Jesus’s tomb.

Chester: What – that’s just gross!

Marcus: Quiet Chester – and listen!

Judith: Oh no Chester – it’s quite alright they were taking some spices they had prepared …err ….. for the err … smell you know

Chester: Yuk!

Judith: Yes, yes – but – the tomb was empty!

All:  What?

Judith: Empty! The big stone at the entrance was rolled away – and Jesus was gone!

Marcus: Judith, are you feeling quite well. Are you sure this is not another of your silly dreams? Shall we go and fetch your husband?

Chester: (to Lara) I’ll go and get him! I think she has finally gone quite mad. She has always been a bit potty if you ask me. Come on Rufus! (sneaks off)

Judith: No! No! Just listen for a minute. Mary, you know her Diana She’s James mother, and Mary Magdalene and Joanna went to the tomb and it was empty.

Diana: Yes you told us that

Judith: But – they met two men there in gleaming clothes

Marcus: You mean guards?

Judith:  No like, like angels they said. And these men said a strange thing. They said ‘Jesus is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’…Well?

Diana: That’s exactly what Jesus said! I understand now – Marcus, Judith– he had to die and it’s going to be all right. He will come back for us

Chester: (Enters) I couldn’t find her husband – but that other chap was there - you know – the soppy one who was crying before. He’s right behind me. (Peter enters)

Peter: I have seen Jesus! I have spoken with him!

Chester: Oh no – not another mad person!

Marcus: Peter – are you sure he was alive?

Peter:  Marcus – He is. I saw him with my eyes, Thomas even touched his hands and I ate with him. After I had deserted him, denied that I did not know him and did nothing to help him – can you imagine what he said to me?

Chester: I know what I would have said to you!

Peter: He told me that he died for me.

Chester: Wow – after you had been so mean to him?

Peter: Not just me – but for the whole world – sinners everywhere. He walked and talked with sinners while he was on earth – and went to the cross for their sins. Now Marcus, Chester, Diana – what can we do but believe and praise him.