Spoken words: Saved

Are you saved?
Well, my bible tells me I’m redeemed not by the things I reveal
But by faith through Jesus, who made me guiltless
That I might no longer walk in shadows, but overshadow
If I try to earn my way to heaven by doing good works,
I am bound to fail because I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH
But God used his Son to save me, Christ died on the cross
So I might feel worthy and be worthy
Get this, if you are saved…
You know it
You show it
You live it

Are you saved?
Salvation is a gift of mercy from God to cleanse our mess
We are saved solely by grace and grace alone
So your friend walks up to you, only to tell you
It doesn’t matter who you believe in, as long as you are sincere
As trendy as that may sound, that is not what the Bible teaches
Yes, you believe that there is one God. You do well
Even the demons believe - and tremble! Obviously that’s not enough
Because Jesus is the only way to heaven, it couldn't be any clearer than that.
Get this, if you are saved…
You confess it
You believe it
You proclaim it

Are you saved?
You say, "Yes, I'm saved
I was nine when I  gave my hand to my pastor and my heart to Jesus
I’m not living for God right now, I admit
But I know I'm saved, because I remember what I did when I was nine
Who says the Bible uses experience as proof of salvation?
Who says you are saved by something you remember in the past?
Who says it takes a decade to bear good fruit?
Who says that you cannot prove your salvation?
Get this, if you are saved…
You shout it
You witness it
You enjoy it

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