Day 19: My 30 Day Poetry Journey

Day 19-I will choose one of the poems I’ve already written and posted as part of this challenge and re-order it in some way. I can rearrange the lines or stanzas or even words in a line. Think of it as a puzzle!

I joggled the poem I wrote on day 4 of my poetry Journey. You can find it here

Nature's Twist

Drops of springs rain, Tinted
Dirty muddy snow, Littering
Crusty Yellow leaves, invading
Trees on their own , Writing
Birds moving together, Singing
In the dead silence of the winds

Shabby old forest
Incredibly quiet, yet loud
Amazingly peaceful, yet scary
Incredibly happy but yet lonely
Amazingly close but yet distant

Swept by the call of autumns move
Is the whisper of the night
The darkness of the valley
Hiding its face
Fierce Waters and solemn rivers
Finding their way
 As the moon smiled

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