Day 27: My 30 Day Poetry Journey

Day 27- I will write a poem that begins with the title “The Poem I’d Never Write.”

The Poem I’d Never Write

This is the Poem I’d never write
To that person I’d never meet
About the things They’d never do
...June 30 1944...
I was searching for my smile today
The one you stole with your hands
When we had our very first fight
..Yes I remember…
You left your tiny screw in my head
Messing up with the life I was to build
Watching my very last piece crumble
…Every bit of it…
I told you I wasn't ready, Not at seven
Not at thirteen, Not at Fifteen, Not ever
You grinned, You laughed, You conquered
…Yes, You thought..
I wasn't ready to give you another chance
On the streets or in an home with no address
Ripping away the innocence of another
…Tearing them apart…
This could be the only thing I would ever do
Saving the life of another young boy or girl
From the piercing claws of another daredevil
..So I silenced you…
Not with the sirens of the police
Or the cry of our persistent neighbors
But with the very hand that stole from me
…we puffed our last breath...

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