Day 28: My 30 Day Poetry Journey

Day 28- I will write a poem to my Unborn Kids

In this poem I picture myself pregnant and whispering to my unborn girl child. This poem clearly expresses the joy of every woman and the beauty of expecting a child.

Whispers To My Unborn Girl

So little yet so close
I silent my hearts rhythm
Only to hear your gentle wave
In me you found a home
Reigns there now your soul
Be not afraid to hurt me
Grow in me and sleep no more
How much longer should I wait
Little Princess, Priceless One
My primrose, My Firstborn

O little magic tender one
I am here right next to you
Heart to heart, our soul intertwines
You’re like a bullet and I your gun
A consequence of my little world
Sweet words we do not need
For you and I are already one
Sleep less, my angel
Sleep less my beauty
For I await your gentle cry

Grow my little rose and flourish
Pretty hair and twinkling blue eyes
So much beauty lies in you
In the power of your silent smile
I promise to be the best
To help you through each day
even while you sing to chirping birds
Perfect wonder, Perfect Joy
My soul welcomes you in

Flying on the wings of a bird
Words cannot describe the joy
I hasten to share with you
A long way still lies ahead
I'm racing to know more of you
Ultrasound showed not your smile
But your tiny heart I saw
As you gently lay by your side
My Flesh and my blood
My little girl and sweet one

I eagerly pack all my things
Heading for the delivery room
everything is ready and arranged
Even the flowers that you love
How I know that I cannot say
Know you are me and I am you
I’m not afraid to let you out
To feel your tiny soft hands
Soon, and soon my dear
We will meet anew
I’m your mother and you’re my girl

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Funom Theophilus Makama said...

Magnificient. Simply beyond words

Dentdocdekky said...

Thanks Makama :)

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