----- When It Finally Hit ----- By Cody Morriss

This is a poem that my friend sent to me and I must admit it is one of the best piece I have read recently. It expresses in words, about how we need God so much and how life without him can be full of turmoil. This poem inspires me and it's stunning in the way its power accumulates, stanza by stanza. I can't think of another poem that so beautifully captures how life without God is. The clarity and force of the poem overwhelms me whenever I re-read it, which I have done quite often in the past minutes.

I hope this poem inspires as many that reads it.

----- When It Finally Hit ----

We are growing ever inflamed
amongst the withering roots
building chaos that distorts
values and beliefs we lose

No one waits for harbingers
to warn us of danger
we turn our heads away
twisting into something stranger

Swiftly our lives freckle
aging without wisdom
growing old without growing up
not controlling ourselves

We seek shelter short term
soon it will break apart
that stinging feeling blossoms
pulling at the heart

No matter what you do
an empty void always appears
every substitute fails
those months change to years

Help, one day crying aloud
something bigger than what you see
trust in a cross
a figure died to make us believe

No matter the burden
the stains on your heart
surrender and rest
now we can start

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Cody Morriss said...

Thank you very much for posting this! :)

Kristin said...

Nice one.

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