Day 30: My 30 Day Poetry Journey

Day 30- I will write a poem illustrating the experience of the last thirty days.

I went on a journey of words
A bag full of heavy imagination
My strength emptied its silent voice
At the dawn of every new day
Crawling in midst of my own mind
I sailed on the ship of a birthing dream
Cold, weary, extremely far the journey seemed
only to be consumed by a burning desire to move on
deeply discovering the beauty that lies within
In the meantime, I will go on foot
and see where another leads me

P.S. : This was really tough!! The last thirty days of my life have been like a very narrow road with pillows and marshmallows on each side and the simple rules that you don't know what the end will be like and you can only take one step each day. Which at first seems a terrible speed limit and you're on this road and you're screaming at the slowness of your pace and stamping your foot and going, "Come on, come on, come on" to some invisible force in front of you in the line, but then somewhere around the first or second turn it becomes "oh thank God, I only have to take one step at a time" because the marshmallows and pillows look awfully tempting and you know the fall wouldn't hurt anything but your ego, but you take that step and then the next and let tomorrow be tomorrow's problem and then it becomes second nature and then it ends and you miss it like you'd miss an old friend who's just left after an extended visit because while you adjusted around them, you think it'll be nice to adjust back to the way things were. It's a good road, but I wouldn't want to live there I must simply admit. 

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