I’ll Have My Devotion Tomorrow

So, at first I wasn’t going to write this (due to my severe case of procrastination) however, I figured that this might help someone who might be struggling with the same.. Lately, I’ve realized that once you surrender your life to Christ, the things that pull you away from God are often disguised in the most “innocent” forms.

Now don’t get me wrong, just because you surrender your life to Christ it doesn’t mean that you won’t get tempted from things such as pride, and things as such, but most of the time the things that cause us to sin start off really small and simple. One of these “innocent” things includes not having devotion! This is pretty much the main idea behind this whole post because it is something that has once caused me to fall far away from Christ without me even knowing!

So I was going through my week like any real Christian would! Praying before I go to sleep, posting convicting statuses on face-book, and witnessing to friends , just doing ALL THE WORKS! However, in the midst of all of that, my heart was so far away from Christ and what he had to say. I began doing things out of my own knowledge because I was no longer going to Christ. The whole week went by and I noticed that I didn’t even spend one day in the word, spending time with him, and growing in him.

Why is this so detrimental?
1.) When we don’t spend time with Christ we are telling him that we don’t need his help!

2.) When we don’t spend time with Christ we began loving people and things as such out of our own strength which will lead to (1) either a break down or (2) a BREAK DOWN!

3.) When we don’t spend time with Christ we will be walking in some serious pride because the cross wouldn’t be on our minds to humble us and we wouldn’t be able to hear Gods correction thus resulting in our belief that we’re “good”.

Now don’t get me wrong, nowhere in the Bible does it say “Thou shall have devotions every single day!” But it is out of my experience that once you lack devotion you lack fruits!

The Bible is our manual and guide on how we should live our lives! Without it, we have no strength to fight against the devil and most importantly, we won’t have the strength to fight OURSELVES!

It is to my knowledge that the Spirit yearns to know more about God, and the more we feed it (by reading God’s word, please keep up with the analogy peeps! haha) the more it will grow!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes everything in you doesn’t want to get in the word? Well, that’s because our flesh and the devil knows that the more time you spend in the word the more you will grow and the more power you will have when battling with temptation.

In conclusion, stay in the word & it will be easier to stay in Christ!

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