Random Ramblings of the day

Today the snow dropped like rain, it was beautiful as a sunny day. I was reminded of how good it is to wake up every single day having not to worry about pain, tears and fears. I saw the beautiful sun and I knew God was making a point. You have to keep your head up high and not be dragged down by the challenges of life. I have to shine brighter and brighter, letting God work in me as he wills.

I've been feeling drained recently and God just needed to remind me that he is enough for me, to calm my pain and heal my emptiness. He needed to let me know that everything and everyone can and might fail me, but he will never do that. This also made me understand that I can and might fail a lot of people in life along the way, and I have to apologize for it now and this is also to encourage people that things or people will let you down, people you love will go away, life will throw things at you and during this time you have to remain strong and let God be there for you. Let him be your strength when you are weak.

Sometimes our pursuit of what we think is right delays us from getting to the right destination, it might be in form of friends, relationships or many other things that we continue to hang on to in our life. You need to know when to let go and hope to God that those people will understand and accept the changes in your life.

I must admit that God is doing a lot of things in my life lately and teaching me a lot. I love when God does that with me, I know I am not perfect in anyway but he tries each day to work so much in me and chisel away the bad things and the weight that I am holding on to. He has opened my eyes to why I have or had to go through some things lately and in the long run it worked together for my good. The lord has never failed me in anyway and the truth is he just never fails, whether I believe or not. He is who he says he is.

I thank God for being in my life and for bringing me so much happiness lately, I know that there is no happiness or joy away from God. And as for me and my blog we shall serve the lord.

If only I could

If I could change the way the clock ticks
We would be sipping a lemonade mix
On a cool summer night
Watching the birds alight
As they kiss the sky goodbye
In the blink of an eye
If only I could.

If I could stop the Dawn of the day
Only so we could run away
To where the world makes no sound
There we’ll find our pleasure ground
In each other’s graceful embrace
We find our hiding place
If only I could.

If I could get a single replay
Of my life day after day
I’ll fast forward to the time
When your heart whispered to mine
As my thoughts missed its way
It felt like heavens bay
If Only I could.