Day 20: My 30 Day Poetry Journey

Day 20- I will write a narrative poem detailing a specific childhood memory.

I can still picture my brother on his bike and me going on that hunger strike
Coz mama said I couldn’t play with sand and still eat my with that same hand
The child in me chose sand over food while watching our repairman named Mahmoud
Then my mum came out to ask him if he wanted to eat poundo yam and chicken limb
He jumped up and nodded with joy reminding me of a little Tom getting his Christmas toy
Then he started to sing extremely loud as if he was presenting to a million crowd
I chuckled and signaled to my brother to watch Mahmud sing ‘Dear Mother”
As a child I thought it funny that food made him act like a bunny
But still I might never forget Mahmoud as he consumed the hot food

P.S This is a true childhood memory, but our repairman was never called Mahmoud, in fact I can’t remember his name. But I thought Mahmoud would fit into the picture J