Day 24: My 30 Day Poetry Journey

Day 24- I will write a poem that’s different in some way from anything I’ve ever written.

I spit out letters
Scribbled on the very depth of my marrow
I spit out mysteries
Clear enough for only the wise to perceive
I spit out anger
Targeted at the bitterness of those we call leaders
I spit out worries
Drawn from the voice of the abandoned masses
I spit out pain
heard from the last words of every bullied child
I spit out blood
Drained from the vein of every murder victim
I spit out neglect
Written on the face of every homeless man
I spit out hunger
Carved into the ribs of every starving child
I spit out scars
Marred on the lonely grave of every martyr
I spit out tears
Painted on the faces of their forgotten families
I spit out dirt
Littering the brains of our unborn children
I spit out waters
Taking over the shores of tomorrows hope
I spit out loud
Hoping to pierce the deafness of an unfair world

P.S. The difficult part of this challenge is that I don’t even know what different is and I cannot identify my normal style of writing. But I hope this is different.