Day 25: My 30 Day Poetry Journey

Day 25- I will write a number poem that tells a story or a feeling. The last word of every line has to rhyme with the number 1-10.

The Number Poem

One- is that person you miss more than none
Two- is the memory of the coffee they always brew
Three- is how without them you feel like an amputee
Four- is what holds your heart from loving anymore
Five- is when or if you will get over it and come alive
Six- is that person who can give your heart a quick fix
Seven- is what they say that gives you a feeling of heaven
Eight- is how they tend to make all your pains deflate
Nine- is where you both meet to form a straight line
Ten- is when forever is more than just now and then

P.S - This Idea was initially gotten from my friend Dima, 
I am glad the poem turned out fine, it kind of took me a while though.