Random Ramblings to My DFH

I know that you are a man of God and will love me no matter what I go through, and God only knows that I need someone to help fill me with the Lord. You will need me just as much as I need you, not only in life but in my spiritual walk with God. I can only pray that we will have a strong relationship with the Lord and that I will lift you up as much as you will lift me. I know that I should not be consumed with one person. And I pray that I will be consumed with the Lord while we are in this relationship. I pray that you love Him over me. And that the love that you have for Him will be ten times more than you have for me. 

I know that everyone has their quirks, but I, dear future husband, have some very particular oddities that I need you to sign off on before you commit the remainder of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE to being with me.
In no particular order:

GOD- You must love him, body and soul. And that involves reading the bible and praying together every day. No Compromise!!!

CHURCH is a must..no exceptions..unless we are sick or on a journey :)

NO MATTER HOW EARLY IN THE MORNING, WE WILL ALWAYS DRIVE EACH OTHER TO THE AIRPORT.- As far as I’m concerned, that should be in the wedding vows :)

A RATIONAL, INTELLIGENT ARGUMENT- I don’t mind having one. I don’t even mind losing one. I only mind if you don’t know how to make one.

TRAVEL AND VACATION- are not the same thing.

BUBBLE WRAP- You’ll have to take it away from me, because I will never stop popping it.

CITIZENS OF THE WORLD- Our kids will speak multiple languages. They will have passports before they have driver’s licenses. They will be cooler than us.

GO AHEAD. ASK SIRI HOW TO CHANGE A FLAT TIRE- I will never let you forget this moment for as long as we both shall live.

GIRLFRIENDS- Treat mine well. They know more about you than you could possibly imagine.

YOUR LADY FRIENDS- Have all the female friends you want but if they start telling me how you like your eggs in the morning I’m gonna have a problem with that.

YOUR NAME-is not my computer password, because not only is that easily guessable by hackers, it’s super lame. 

A BURRITO?-Yeah, I could go for a burrito.

EVERY DAY, I AM THANKFUL- That you’re not one of those people who says “for all intensive purposes” or misuses the word “literally” like it’s a catch-all intensifier.

DON’T EVER STOP calling me “the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen”. It may or may not be true, but even when we’re old, I’ll never get tired of hearing that.

IF I HATE SOMETHING OF YOURS so much that I’m tempted to “accidentally” let it fall behind the washer & dryer, I promise to first buy you a replacement to ease your separation anxiety.

LET’S AGREE- We won’t spring new nicknames on each other in public. Stuffs like that should be work shopped behind closed doors until we’re both ready and willing to unleash it on the world.

PROTECTING ME- If we’re out together and a stranger makes inappropriate advances or comments toward me, please don’t hit him.  I’d prefer that the two of you avoided fisticuffs and instead worked through your disagreement via a freestyle poetry battle. Lol….bottom line, don’t fight!!

MUSIC-When i like a song i play it over and over until my mind is satisfied. You have t get used to that

BINOCULARS- We are getting one. I would love to look at the stars with you.

GUITARS: I think it would be the most wonderful thing if you could play the guitar. Not a necessity, I just love the sound of the guitar.

READ: You have to be able to read!! Otherwise how are you ever going to read all the letters and ramblings  I have written to you.

FOOD- I can cook so don't be scared, at the same time don't expect me to cook for you everyday of my life. When I cook, you will be there to keep me company and occasionally I would love to come home to a meal made by you. It's the thought that counts!

HONESTY-Complete and total honesty in ALL things is required. 

FAMILY- I want my kids to have a daddy who is there for his kids 100% of the time. family is number one :)

TEMPERS: Please tell me you don’t need an anger management class? I hate tempers…they are worthless and terrible.

AND LASTLY? Love me forever till the end of time. Let's be so in love it couldn't ever possibly fade. Always in love till forever and beyond.