Phenomenal Woman Series: 18 Common Sense Principles for Dating.

18 Common Sense Principles for Dating.

If you have any tips for Christian dating, feel free to comment…just try to be semi nice :)

Christian dating tip #1: If you need your parents to drive you to a date or if you need to ask them for money to take someone out…you shouldn't be dating.

Christian dating tip #2: If you are under sixteen, your dating status on your Facebook should always say “single.” You are way too young to be holding anyone awkwardly or spending hours on the phone listening to someone breathe.

Christian dating tip #3: Contrary to popular belief Taylor Swift is not a relationship genius and you shouldn't be taking any relationship advice from her. Ask a Godly couple who has ventured through storms together what you should be expecting and looking for in a partner.

Christian dating tip #4: Ladies, just because a guy doesn't look like Chantum Tatting or Somerhalder Ian
 doesn't mean he isn't date-able. What would you rather… a guy who looks like an underwear model but treats you like crap or an average looking dude that loves Jesus, has integrity, leads you spiritually, will encourage you to follow God’s call and will be an incredible husband and father?

Christian dating tip #5: Fellas, The reason some Christian girls are dating non Christian guys is because when they look in the church they aren’t seeing brothers who exemplify Christ. Why would they stick around for you when they can get the same thing…maybe even better from dudes outside the church? Man up… pursue holiness and righteousness.

Christian dating tip #6: Sisters, If you wear junk that makes you look like a prostitute or a video vixen and expect to get a Godly man, you’re dreaming. All you’re going to get are the perverted brothers in the church who are after feeling you up. Even in 2012 modesty still matters. Have enough respect for 1) the Lord (who created that body of yours) and 2) for yourself. If you’re dressing like swimsuit models on the street I don’t even want to hear about how there are no good men in the church. You’re only attracting the wrong kind.

Christian dating tip #7: If you can’t commit, then don’t bother getting into a relationship or get out of the one you are in as fast as you can. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to commit to a relationship you don’t really care about.

Christian dating tip #8: Beware of any dude or girlie that says “I love you” when they first meet you. Either they want to get in your pants or they have mommy/daddy issues. Love is not a feeling, but lust and loneliness are.

Christian dating tip #9: Fellas, Getting into a relationship or getting married to stop looking at porn or masturbating doesn’t work. You’ll be bringing that junk into your relationship and marriage. It will cause you some major grief and pain. It’s a heart issue that only God can take care of. Lean into Christ.

Christian dating tip #10: If your boyfriend/girlfriend can’t pray with you because they 1) Don’t pray out loud or 2) think it’s awkward to pray…dump them. They are not the person that will be able to encourage and challenge you spiritually through the hard times of life.

Christian dating tip #11: If your parents don’t approve of the person you are dating…you need to think again and ask God for wisdom. The Wisdom of GODLY parents can keep you from tons of pain and hurt in your relationship life. 

Christian dating tip #12: Ladies, how a dude treats his mama will tell you a lot about the kind of man he is and what he values. One day you will be the most important woman in his life, how is he going to treat you?

Christian dating tip #13: Ladies, don’t use your bodies like weapons to manipulate guys in showing you how much they care about you. Someday it’s going to backfire on you. Find your identity first in God’s love that took 3 nails on a cross for you: Jesus.

Christian dating tip #14: Pre marital sex and sexual immorality (ANY sexual acts outside of marriage) are sin…period. If you don’t like that, take it up with all the persons of the Trinity..

Christian dating tip #15: If you break up with someone, don’t blame it on Jesus. Don’t make Christ look bad just because you are a coward. 

Christian dating tip #16: Ladies, if the guy you like treats you nicely when you’re alone, but disrespects and puts you down around his boys…He’s a loser and he’s definitely not worth your time.

Christian dating tip # 17: Using your FB status and your tweets to post all your relationship drama in the form of song lyrics is stupid. Grow up and have an actual face to face conversation with your significant other.

Christian dating tip #18: If you feel like you need to be someone other than the person God has created you to be when you’re with your significant other, get rid of them. You should be loved for the fearfully and wonderfully made creation you are.