How Poetry Changed My Life!!

Before poetry entered my life, I was an eccentric without a cause. Now that I’ve come out of the poetry-closet and accepted myself as a poet (as amateur as I may be), I don’t have to hide the fact anymore that I think of spoons as spies, or spears as spines, or spirits as spiders, or splits as spittle, or space as speech. A spade was never a spade for me, and the world of poetry is a wonderfully accepting support group that feeds my dirty habit for words.

We just clicked.  With poetry I make pictures with words, work out my feelings and tell you what I really think about the world.  Me and poetry have a long term relationship. I love you poetry. What is Inspiring about it is that everything about it, Comes from inside. Poetry is not just random words on a piece of paper. Poetry is not just random ideas that pop up in your mind. Poetry is the true feelings that lie within. 

I ’ve been writing for more than 3 years now and my creative journey has been truly phenomenal, from watching others perform and getting some courage to do so myself. I’ve been emotionally overwhelmed and philosophically challenged by the words of others and more importantly, inspired by them. Yes – sometimes poetry presents concepts I personally find provocative but that’s what poetry does, it lights sparks in people.

Poetry has changed Me by storming into my life and screaming into my face like a little brother. It has become just as familiar and made me more in tune with my imagination and a more caring and intuitive side of myself I didn’t know existed before. It has introduced me to people who have blown my mind with their natural creativity and beauty and who have and will have a lasting impact on me. Poetry has given me a confidence boost to be who I really want to be and to go after opportunities that I seize with both hands. Most importantly, it has enabled me to express myself in a more eloquent way than before. Through words I have faced fears and worked out my worries. I disovered myself. I relaxed. I found my voice. Now, I am a mouthy cow who loves showing off.

Poetry changed me and  I’m glad it did.

Unstructured Poem: Until you find Love

Until you find Love
Dreams are just dreams
Without a future in sight
Days are just days
That turn into night

Until you find Love
 Wishes are things
That rarely come true
Excitement is a feeling
You barely know

Until you find Love
Finding warmth in another’s smile
Is a joy never existing
Looking forward to tomorrow
Is never an experience

Response to Adam Jone's Interracial Dating and the Fools Who Don't Like It

I totally agree with Adam!!! And my Christian response on this is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with dating or marrying someone from a different culture, background, or race from you. As long as they have given their life to Christ that's all that counts. Technically when we give our lives to Christ and become Christians we all belong to one race, the race of the kingdom of God and it’s perfectly ok to marry anyone in the kingdom of God regardless of their culture, race, skin color etc. God doesn't see race and color, he see's people, he doesn't look at the outward appearance, he looks at the heart and that's what we are supposed to do.

From a Christian perspective, one race isn't better than another, neither is one culture better than another, take away our skin and we are all the same on the inside. Once we give our lives to Christ there is no more Jews or Gentiles, no more discriminating against other races, no more trying to segregate yourself from other races, we are all one and therefore can marry and date people who are not brought up in the same culture as us.

A black Christian can marry or date a white Christians, an Asian Christian can marry or date a South American Christian, as long as they are a child of God, God isn't looking at the color of their skin; he is looking at the content of their heart.

However, for this Christian relationship advice to be complete, I must highlight one other point. if you do decide to date or marry someone from a different culture as you, be prepared to accommodate the differences and challenges that arise from coming from different backgrounds.

What's acceptable in one culture might not be acceptable in another, what's okay in one culture might be offensive to another and you have to learn these differences and manage them well in order for the relationship to work. And even when the two of you understand these differences, your family members will also have to be educated about these differences especially if there is the prospect of marriage so that they don't end up misinterpreting the actions of your partner and seeing them as disrespectful not realizing that it's just a difference in culture.

We have to learn to put away prejudices in the body of Christ, although we may have our cultural differences, we are all still Gods children and are all the same in his eyes.