Day 2 30-Day True Woman Makeover Challenge

A Virtuous Woman

When you hear the phrase “a godly woman,” does an actual woman come to mind? Better yet, do you think that could ever describe you?

• The Proverbs 31 woman deals with the same issues you do!
• I can tell you this—she didn’t get there overnight, and she hasn’t yet arrived. She’s a woman in process. She’s a woman who, like most of us, often finds herself taking three steps forward and two steps back.
• The world tells you that if you look out for yourself, then you’ll be happy. But it’s the woman who lives for God and others who is truly joyful.

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Moving on…..

Virtue is one of those values that is dragged through the mud these days. It seems as if Virtue is actually shunned. It is sad. This is something dear to my heart because women today have such potential through our Father in Heaven.  That feeling of purity and strength from God is something that cannot be described, only felt, and it is valuable beyond all else.
You may ask , What is Virtue? 

Virtue is: 1. Moral Excellence, 2. Chastity, especially in a woman, 3. Righteousness, Goodness. Example of moral excellence is the Virtue of Patience. 

Proverbs 31:10 says your Virtue is priced far above RUBIES .

Your Virtue must be GUARDED,  LOVED, PROTECTED.

Your Virtue  is the core of your Being. 

There is only "One that can Guard your Virtue . "Only one that sees your Value. Only one that Honors your Virtue no matter what you have done. Only "One.

When your Virtue is Guarded by Christ Jesus, you live a  life of Excellence, Love, Peace, Joy. You are a Virtuous Woman   Proverbs 31:10.

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