Unstructured Ramblings of a Disciplined Mind

It’s been a while I’ve been random, it’s been a while I’ve rambled. It’s been long I wrote anything on here, it’s been long I wrote anything at all. I’m not sure if it is because I have become silent to myself or just the busy world around me taking over. We all have those silent moments in our lives don’t we? A lot has been happening around me lately; a lot of chaos has being painting every part of the world not leaving the innocent unsprayed. Common we all know the world is going to end pretty soon. Yea Yea, call me crazy or you are probably thinking in your mind that the world has been trying to end for like 100 years now but that isn’t the point. My point is we ought to start taking each day one step at a time, living each day like it’s our last. 

Living each day for God.

I have learned a lot about myself lately, I have also decided it’s ok to share some of the changes I've decided to embed in my life- would some of it make you grumble? Yes, it will. Will you connect to some of it? Yes, you will. Will you think your life over and make a few changes? Maybe, Maybe not.

I have decided to:

1.       Live everyday according to God’s will; let him order every single step I take.
2.       Care less about the society’s opinion when it comes to living my life. I’m not designed to live according to their carvings.
3.       Ignore the ranting’s of ‘Marriage Advertisers’. You all don’t need to remind me that it is time. When it is time- I will know it. I don’t care if I’m 30, 35, or 40 by then.  Oh yea, I stopped caring about that weeks ago. If Jesus tarries then you will probably see me get married. That’s what matters.
4.       Avoid Cankerworms of indecency and corruption even in its smallest form.
5.       Rid myself of Frenemies. It ain’t rocket science.
6.       LOVE MORE, GIVE MORE, AND LIVE MORE. This is so important to me because we were created out of love and it is only important that we share that. It’s not ok to love only people who can love us back, NEITHER is it called GIVING when we only give to people who can give us in return.  I want to love the strangers I have never met, give to people I may never meet, and mostly live for the purpose I was called for.
7.       Not to judge people before knowing them. No, not to judge people period!
8.       Read more, Talk less.  Meditate more, Babble less. Invest More, Spend less.
9.       Work more on my relationships: Caring more for my family and friends. Being there for those who matter.
10.   Find a mentor, be accountable to someone both spiritually and every other aspect.

I will probably just stop here for now. I’m excited about my life and living it fully. Till I ramble again, I do wish you a fruitful day or perhaps night. Who cares? Enjoy your life to the fullest! Ciao.

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