30-Day True Woman Makeover Challenge

 I have decided to go on a 30 Day True Woman Makeover Challenge with "True Woman.com" -- I just found this wonderful site for Christian women, and I am very excited to see God reveal something *NEW* to me in our relationship through this 'make-over'. I am so ready for God to work deeeply in my heart and to open my eyes into seeing and becoming who he created me to be.

Combining hard work, perseverance, and God-power over a span of 30 days

Goal:  Initiate change by developing Godly habits and spiritual transformation.

The Framework:
•  TYPE OF CHALLENGE:  What kind of Challenge am I going to do?
•  DESIRED RESULTS:   What do I want to see happen? What habits do I want to attain?
•  MOTIVATION:  Why do I want to change?  Why do I want to start a new habit?
•  DIRECTIONS:  How am I going to achieve change?
•  BOUNDARIES:  Do I need to set up any boundaries to help me?
•  ACCOUNTABILITY:  Who is going to provide support for the challenge?  What will that support look like?
•  DATE:  What day do I start the challenge and what day do I end the challenge?

•  Financial – Budgeting, spending less than you earn, tithing, and paying off debt.
•  Spiritual – Bible Reading, praying, witnessing, fasting, journaling, and serving
•  Health – Exercising, healthier eating, etc.
•  Family – Quality time, relational challenges, etc.
•  Personal – Addiction recovery, overcoming negative emotions, conquering personal hurdles

 I will be following along with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and the other "TRUE WOMEN" who are taking, and have already taken this challenge... I hope that YOU will join me!