Day 6: 30-Day True Woman Makeover Challenge

Working Joyfully

For a woman , it probably seems like your work is never done, but there is a way to make the work lighter. If you tackle your projects out of a sense of love, you’ll experience new energy and motivation.

• The Proverbs 31 woman has a heart of virtue and excellence; a godly strength and character that is lived out in the context of her home.
• This woman is not only a hard worker, she’s cheerful about her work!
• This woman has a different attitude about work because she sees the purpose, meaning, and motivation behind that work. It’s love—love for others and love for God. Her love for God makes her willing to work with her hands in providing food, clothing, and cleanup around her house.

This is just a taste of what you'll learn from Nancy Leigh DeMoss in the series, “The Counter-cultural Woman: A Fresh Look at Proverbs 31.”

Moving on….

It is not easy to live a life of women these days.  One must play multiple and oftentimes conflicting roles.  For instance, you have to be that wise manager who delegate the tasks to the subordinates.  Sometimes you must make the critical decisions.  And sometimes that means you may have to go at it in a meeting with your male coworkers.  But the minute you get back home, you have to become that caring and thoughtful homemaker, an obedient wife and a loving mother.  Everyday you must put one hat on in the office but wear an entirely different one at home.  Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes easy to continue wearing the office hat back home.  For example, when things are going your way in the office, you may carry that executive attitude back home.  For one thing your husband probably wouldn’t like it.  And for your kids, they wouldn’t know what to expect because it all depends on how your day went in the office.  

 I believe most women in the world want to be loved and respected.  But our daily lives are filled with dilemma because none of us are perfect.  We have all the intentions to do the right things, yet sometimes we are at the mercy of our own actions.  This is the time when we need a hand from God, giving us wisdom to be freed.

Having a fatigue spirit is women’s number one enemy.  What’s worse, very few women can detect the severity of this syndrome.  It will rob you away happiness and energy.  A fatigue spirit doesn’t mean you are physically exhausted.  Rather, it is an accumulation of emotional exhaustion over time.  Some symptoms for this condition include seeing future as hopeless, unable to concentrate when working or talking, headache, feeling miserable or lonely, anxiety, fear, jealousy, etc. 

Give yourself opportunities to learn new things, have more buddies who you can share your personal issues with, and find the meaning of your life are all excellent ways to prevent the problem.  Remember, God created each woman with His unique master plan.  Whether you are single or a newlywed, having young or grown children, it doesn’t matter.  Every woman should be an joyful and attractive woman, enjoy God’s peace each and every day.

Tips to getting a Joyful spirit:


Go out with your good buddies:  You can go sightseeing, maybe go shopping and have a fancy feast.  You’ll realize your family will survive the day without you just fine.

Composition:  Writing can go deeper than your voice.  Put your thoughts and experiences in writing.  Share your joy and feelings with the readers.  Maybe it will not only help yourself, but also help the readers.
Appreciate music or learn to play an instrument:  It doesn’t matter which type of  music or instrument.  You’ll find that they are fun to listen and even more fun to sing or play it.  If you have some spare time, take a class to learn your favorite instrument.  You’ll discover life is not boring after all.

Exercise regularly:  If you don’t want to age faster than you should, or having no one recognizing you in your high school reunion, then you must exercise regularly.  You can exercise with your husband or friend.  Maybe go to a fitness center, do some aerobics, swimming, etc.  Anyway, if you want to be healthy, the first thing you have to do is exercise, exercise, and exercise.  What you do will affect your weight and appearance.  Whatever you choose to do or not to do, you are the one ultimately responsible for your health and life span.

Attend and be involved in church and fellowship:  Maybe you never went to a church before, or perhaps you stopped going a long time ago because of some reason.  Try to find a church nearby that’s right for you.  Then make some time to attend their gatherings.  Maybe you’ll get a big surprise.

The God of Peace is only one prayer away. If you want the confident expectation of His strength and wisdom in your today and His help and hope for your tomorrow, you need only ask. Just tell Him… “May the God of Peace fill you with all joy and peace, as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

I only have this one life. ONE LIFE. I don’t get a do over! So it’s my choice to live THIS LIFE full of joy in the moment.